[GB] MW Commute

$85.00 USD

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  • Material :  PBT
  • Profile :  Cherry-profile      
  • Legends: Dye-Sublimation 


Commute Switches:

  • Sold in packs of 10
  • Linear switches
  • 5-pin
  • Extended UPE stem
  • Nylon housing
  • 65g two-stage spring
  • Designed by Moyu Studio
  • Manufactured by JWK

esc lab Series 00 CM Stainless Steel
esc lab Series 00 CM Aluminum

  • 1u Esc Metal Artisan


HIBI & Commute: Traintrack

  • 2.25u Enter Metal Artisan


  • An early morning trip from Tokyo to Osaka, you step onto the Shinkansen - Bullet Train, bento in hand. The train sits on massive forged steel wheels, made by Nippon Steel Company. As the train leaves and gathers speed, the magnetic levitation kicks in, and the wheels retract into the train's body. We took those, and put them on your keyboard in the form of a knob. Enjoy.
  • Material: Stainless Steel - CNC, bead blasted and polished Mounting: Uses our signature o-ring pressure fit mount, with screw less exterior
  • Size: Standard 18mm Diameter, 6mm mount fits EC11 - EC12 encoders
  • Engraving: 'Shinkansen - Nippon Seitetsu'
  • Designed by Protozoa


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