[GB] Nichiverse Deskmat

$22.00 USD

[GB] Nichiverse Deskmat

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  • Descriptions
    • NICHICHAN is the ultimate cyber idol: she chugs boba, clicks heads, sings karaokes and trolls gamers on the internet. Her sidekick SUNKUN is Nichi’s mindless sidekick who will follow her to the ends of the NICHIVERSE! She started as an avatar for Mike Sunday's twitch community but has quickly evolved into her own living entity.

  • Specifications
    • Dimensions :  900 * 400 * 4mm
    • Material :  high quality fabric, rubber bottom
    • Water resnstant coating
    • Designed by Mike Sunday and Koshimoro

  • GB information
    • GB Period :  July 13th ~ Aug 3rd, 2021
    • Estimated shipping :  Approx. 3 months (Q4, 2021)


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