Mill Max 3305

$3.30 USD

Mill-Max 3305

1 Quantity   =   10 Sockets

  • Description
    • Mill-Max 3305 is a very good solution to transform your Solderable PCB into a Hot-swappable PCB
    • Mill-max sockets will hold the switches more tightly compared to Kailh Hot-Swappable sockets
    • Be Aware
      • You need to Solder these sockets to PCB to use
      • For a single switch, you will need "2" Mill-max sockets

  • What is different btw Mill-Max 7305 and 3305?
    • The thickness of the head is thinner
      • this makes switches to be closer to PCB    →    which makes the sound more solid
    • The total length is shorter
      • this will lower the chance of interference between PCB & Case sound dampening material



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