Krytox 105+205 mix (7:3)

Krytox 105+205 mix (7:3)

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Krytox GPL 105 + 205 Mix (7:3)

  • Description
    • This lube mix is very popular in the South Korean community. It is known to preserve the original sound of the switch, while also giving it that nice, lubed "thock"
    • Note : The mix could separate over time as it is a combination of oil and grease. Please make sure to mix it before use if left to sit for long periods of time

  • Type
    • Mix (105 Oil and 205g2 Grease)


    • Weight
      • 10g (10g  =  4.5ml~5ml)
        • Relative density = 1.94

      • Applications
          • Switch Lubrication
            • The recommended method for the Linear Switch
            • The recommended method for the Tactile Switch
              • Note :   If you want to keep tactility, do not lube the legs of the stem

          • Be Careful!!
            • Krytox GPL 105 + 205 Mix (7:3) cannot be cleaned with soap and water and is resistant to many common solvents
            • Krytox GPL 105 + 205 Mix (7:3) is chemically stable and non-hazardous, however, gloves and a protective layer over the workspace are recommended. Spills are difficult to clean and lubricant will transfer from hands to another surface
            • Swagkeys, Miller-Stephenson, and The Chemours Company are not responsible for any damages which may occur as a result of the use of this product


          • We Care About Our Customers
            • We will pack ALL of our Lubricants with "Vacuum Packaging"
            • This will make sure that Lubricants will not be leaked out and damage other products