SW x Haimu MP Tactile Switches (10pcs)

$4.00 USD

SW x Haimu MP Tactile Switches

  • Specifications
    • Type :  Tactile
    • Mounting Type :  PCB Mount (5-pin)
    • Materials
      • Top :  POM
      • Bottom :  POM with Metal bottome hole
      • Stem : UPE with Metal pole tip
    • Spring
      • Length : 18mm
      • Bottom Out :  62
    • Travel : 3.6m
    • Pre-Travel : 2.0mm
    • Factory lube :  Factory lubed
    • Manufacturer :  Haimu

These Switches are sold in PACKS OF 10

This means 1 PACK   =   10 SWITCHES

 It's a structure where the stem hits the floor.
Stem column bottom and lower housing
Metal parts are inserted.

When you hit the floor, the metals come into contact with each other and make a clear sound.
When the stem comes back up, it reduces the noise.
You can feel the feeling of hitting the floor neatly.

It is a switch with a lower pitch than other HMX switches.
It may sound like a middle pitch compared to third-party switches.

Please refer to the typing video below for comparison by switch.


Typing Sound

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