[In-stock] Honeydew Switch (10pcs)

$6.00 USD

  • Specifications
    • Typle : Linear
    • Spring : 18mm 65g
    • Travel : 3.8mm
    • Stem : POM Long Pole (13mm)
    • Housing : HPE Top & Bottom
    • Type : 5 pin
    • Factory Lubrication : None
    • Manufacturer : Tecsee

 Designed by YXXX


 "Off the back of GMK Fenglisu, we bring you a switch with a new material developed by Tecsee with an XL TX Spring. I have named and themed these
switches after the Honeydew.

For these Honeydews, HPE will be used on both the top and bottom housings. HPE provides a softer or ‘less-aggressive’ typing experience than current PC/nylon offerings whilst still maintaining that clacky sound profile that so many of us seek."

These Switches are sold in PACKS OF 10

This means 1 PACK   =   10 SWITCHES



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