[In-stock] Transition TKL Parts

$15.00 USD


PCB (1.6mm Non flex cut)

  • Hot Swap (7u) Layout
  • Hot Swap (6.25u) Layout
  • Soldered 



  • FR4 Gasket 
  • PC Gasket 
  • Polypropylene Gasket
  • Aluminum Gasket 
  • Carbon Fiber Gasket 
  • FR4 Top
  • PC Top
  • Polypropylene Top
  • Aluminum Top
  • Carbon Fiber Top
  • PC Sandwich (4mm)
  • Aluminum Sandwich (4mm)

    Poron Sticker:

    • Poron force break stickers will be provided. Note : This will only be provided those who ordered below plates.
      • Aluminium Top
      • PC Sandwich (4mm)
      • Aluminum Sandwich (4mm)
    • It can be used when build top mount or sandwich mount plates.
    • For sandwich mount plates, stickers must be applied to both the top and bottom.
    • For top mount plates, stickers may only be applied to one side


      Foam pack:

      • This is basic components comes with housing purchase.
      • You can buy it as an extra.
      • it contains below
        • White case foam
        • White plate foam
        • PE foam

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